How to improve happiness in toilet?

2019-12-23 16:22

After staying in the new house, many people only pay attention to several large parts of the toilet, such as toilet, bathroom cabinet or bath room, because the use of the toilet throughout the year can be said to be the most influential location for the residents' experience. In fact, the impact of toilet well-being experience, many toilet supplies, including zoning planning and design, are very important. How can toilets improve happiness? My answer is these 10 things! It's great.

1. Panasonic heater

Now the heater can completely replace the bath heater. The old house used to use the bath heater, which not only heats up slowly but also is very dazzling. The place where the lamp cover of the bath heater is easy to be dangerous. Now when the new house is decorated, the heater is basically installed. Although Panasonic's heater is a little expensive, it's very comfortable to use!

2. Electric towel rack

It's really easy to use in winter or rainy days! Choose heating towel rack, it's warm and comfortable, and the heating speed is relatively fast. After taking a bath, you can directly use warm towel and change clothes. Happiness soars!

3. Bathroom slipper rack

In the past, after taking a bath, slippers were placed in the bathroom or against the wall at will, but the drainage was very slow, and the sanitation was not complete. With this kind of bathroom mop rack, it's still very firm. It's convenient to take it in the bathroom, and it won't appear the phenomenon of unhooking and sliding hook in the imagination. It's very good. The slippers at home are no longer wet!

4. Bathroom stool antiskid bath stool:

It's strong, antiskid and will not regret buying it. This is the evaluation of this stool. It's very good to put such a small stool in the bathroom. It's a good choice whether you are sitting in the bathroom or stepping on it. The unique leakage in the middle prevents water from being stored in the middle groove. Moreover, the whole stool surface is designed to sink in. The whole stool Super anti slip performance!

5. Diatom soil mat

When I bought it back, I washed both sides of it with water specially. It dried in a second. The diatom mud absorbent foot mat is really good at absorbing water. It dried when I stepped on shoes from the bathroom. It's amazing! Very absorbent, very practical, buy more under the wash basin, so as not to fill the ground with water. There are many cheap goods on the Internet with poor quality. I suggest you take them back and try to absorb water immediately.