Her family has 70 flat rooms and two bedrooms

2019-12-23 16:21

In order to improve the happiness and comfort of living, she decided to renovate and transform the house, and the effect is good. For example, the tone of the whole house is very bright and generous, which makes people feel like a spring breeze when they enter the house and stay very comfortable! In addition, there are also some fantastic ideas, such as the TV cabinet hanging in the air and the balcony 20 cm higher, the former in exchange for a sense of space flexibility, the latter directly has more leisure areas, and the whole room space is used to the extreme, so it's very practical, it's a pity not to sun it, don't believe it. (picture source: Ten Outstanding decorations.)

Original structure

Layout plan

From the plan, we can see that the house type is basically two rooms and two halls, and the following changes are made:

1. Remove the kitchen partition and change it to open type, so that the space is more bright.

2. Remove the wall on the right side of the toilet, and then install the washstand and bar, so the utilization rate is high, and the public area is generous.

3. Remove the partition wall of the bedroom balcony, and then expand the capacity of the inner package.

4. Remove the living room balcony, and then increase the height by about 20 cm, directly to multiple leisure areas.

Enter the house.

There is no independent porch for the hostess, but there are many functions. For example, the white half high and narrow cabinet is used to meet the storage needs, and the shoes are left blank below. With the creative hook on the top and the mirror on the left, the function is quite powerful.


Turn right at the entrance and you will find the dining room. You can directly customize a white non handle dining cabinet, combined with a simple dining table and chair, and look very generous.

In addition, the kitchen on the right side has been changed to an open structure, so the utilization rate has been improved a lot, such as the refrigerator stuffed in the middle, which can also be used as the division of two functional areas of the kitchen, which is very good.

A living room.

As the door of the owner's house is facing the living room, considering that such a pattern is not good and not conducive to privacy, a glass partition is added, so it does not affect the lighting, which is really a big deal.

This is the panoramic view of the living room, in which the TV wall is painted directly, combined with the suspended cabinet, the space is flexible and generous.

The opposite is the sofa wall, which can be directly matched with decorative paintings. It's a very common layout, not to mention much, including the warm fabric sofa and the small tea table.

Furniture details, look very texture.

On the right side of the sofa and on the left side of the partition, there are many potted plants in this small space, which can make the home more lively and energetic. In addition, the golden floor lamp also brings a light and luxurious elegant atmosphere to the family, which is charming.