Her home is not luxurious, but very comfortable

2019-12-23 16:16

If you think of home as a container of life, this container must change with your life style and experience growth together; living, sitting, cooking, tea tasting, reading, washing and rest - daily needs, comfort and comfort are enough!

In today's fast-paced life, ordinary people like us, who have to work all day and work for life, do not expect the "Magnificence" of the home scene. We just need our own small home to live comfortably, clean and tidy.

This two-year-old home is very simple. It doesn't seem to be connected with luxury. However, the living comfort is very high. The difference lies in the fact that the 16 decoration details are not in place. Especially when I see the master bedroom wardrobe, I have an obsession with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

01. Dust fall area is reserved in the porch;

Moreover, when it comes to household neatness, we have to mention Japan. After all, Japan's home-based concept and finishing skills are relatively advanced. Otherwise, fujima Lihui's books based on home storage concept will not sell so well in the world.

In Japan, their house is at the entrance of the porch, and the metropolis is made into a sinking area with a height difference of about 5cm, which is called the falling dust area. It is convenient to clean, and at the same time, the dust on the shoes is avoided to be brought into the house. In fact, it is also reminding the visitors that to enter the house, please slipper first.

However, I think it's OK to reserve 2cm for height difference, and then pave a foot pad after finishing, so it's not easy to trip because it's not much different from the indoor height, and at the same time, the dust is perfectly isolated on the floor mat of the porch. And carpet and floor (floor tile) also have chromatic aberration, so it will remind us to be careful under our feet.

This dust area is very good to reserve when decorating. Use the thickness of the solid wood floor or floor tile to form a dust area naturally.

02. A blackboard paint is designed for the empty wall to satisfy children's graffiti;

When it comes to blackboards, no one is new to us. We saw it in primary school. It's really popular at home in recent years. Design a piece of blackboard paint at home, which can satisfy children's doodling. Adults can also Doodle and spend time when they are bored.

When I decorated my house, I brushed past the chalkboard paint. Now the child under three years old has turned the white wall into a van Gogh painting. It's embarrassing!

03. The background wall should be as simple and uncomplicated as possible;

The main reason is that after living in the complex and beautiful background wall for two years, it will also be found that it is also very common, and it also forms a magic device for receiving ash. The simpler it is, the more difficult it is to go out of fashion, and the more comfortable it is to watch. (of course, there is enough space, except that the TV background wall is designed as a full wall storage cabinet)

04. The lighting source is distributed, and the visual effect is more comfortable;

Before this point, the living room should not be disorderly installed. The living room is beautiful and practical, and you don't want to go out at home! One article has explained, interested friends can click open to check, here is no longer detailed introduction.

05. TV line pipe runs along the wall row;

In home decoration, TV is a necessary household appliance in the living room. In order to save space and beauty, we will hang the TV on the wall. At this time, it is very important to embed a hollow wiring pipe. Think about how ugly the power lines and data lines are exposed!

During the construction of water and electricity installation, a hollow pipe with double bends shall be embedded in the wall by slotting on the wall. The high point shall be connected to the back of the TV and the power supply behind the low point TV cabinet.

The effect is as shown in the figure above, and then two movable drawers are installed on the TV cabinet. The set-top box and routing equipment can be placed in the drawers, which is beautiful and tidy.

06. If you want the kitchen to be free of greasiness, it is necessary to integrate the lampblack machine;

07. Leave a "cavity" under the cabinet;

I don't know if you are in such a situation. The vegetable market bought a bunch of fresh vegetables and returned home. It was found that there was a problem with the storage. It felt too sloppy to put them on the ground. It felt like they took up space on the counter top of the cabinet and they were airtight in the cabinet.

A "concave hole" is reserved in the lower cabinet without making a door. Fruits and vegetables can be put in conveniently and ventilatively. If you want to be more convenient, "concave hole" can be put in a pulley cart directly without making a shelf, which is convenient for storage and use.

08, skillfully use the vertical storage method of water tank;

Because of the particularity of the sink, the kitchen washing and brushing are all completed here, so it is very important to use it conveniently; the vertical wall space above the sink can be installed with magnetic knife rest or chopsticks storage basket.

09. Press handle is used for aisle lockers. The space is neat and not compact. Press the cabinet door to increase the hiding degree and the visual effect is more spacious.

10. Do not leave the wall of bath cabinet idle

A. The thin mirror cabinet can be collected to keep the surface of the bath cabinet clean and tidy, as well as face-to-face makeup mirror.

B. If the storage space is not enough, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash cup and hair dryer can also be hung on the wall with the finished product storage combination set to make the bath cabinet clean and tidy. A nail free and knock free toothbrush storage rack link is placed below. If you don't understand, you can click it to see the real effect.

11. Don't waste the wall behind the bathroom door. You can use a nail free and hole free storage hook to stick to the wall. You can store all kinds of cleaning tools. It's really uncomfortable to see these cleaning tools lying on the ground.

12. Install a mop pool;

No matter what mop you use, every time you pour one bucket of dirty water into the toilet or into the shower room, you feel super unsanitary, and you have to clean it twice, which is very troublesome. A mop pool is perfect, especially for people like me who like to use rubber cotton mop, it's a perfect match.